The roots of our firm go back to 1954 when Myron “Mike” Carlson began practicing law in Everett. Later, in 1974, James Hopkins joined with Mike and they practiced as “Carlson and Hopkins”.

In 1979, Larry Jelsing joined them and the firm became thereafter known as “Carlson, Hopkins and Jelsing”. We were then located in the Seafirst building in Everett (now the Bank of America building), and later relocated to the top floor of the Wall Street building.

William Tri joined the firm in 1986 and Ximena West in 1990. Myron Carlson left the firm in 1993, and the remaining firm members later purchased the former Carousel Music building at 2926 Colby Ave.

Peter Andrus joined the firm in 1996, and the firm took on the present name of Jelsing Tri West and Andrus, after the retirement of James Hopkins in 2001.